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Touch Ornament Ball Switch, 2-Pack Lamp Touch Dimmer & Auto Turn-Off Timer Touch On/Off Switch
Our Price: 21.74
Our Price: 29.97
Our Price: 11.99
Value Pack Of Excellent Gift Item! Converts Ordinary Lamp Into A Touch Dimmer With Auto Turn-Off Timer Touch Lamp For Easy On/Off
Touch On/Off Switch-CFL Replacement Heavy Duty Touch On/Off Switch, 300W Halogen Touch On/Off Switch
Our Price: 8.99
Our Price: 8.99
Our Price: 9.98
Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. Touch Lamp To Turn On/Off Easy On/Off - Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs! Plug-In Touch On/Off Switch
Handy Switch Touch Ornament Ball Switch Fluorescent Wire-In Touch Switch
Our Price: 3.47
Our Price: 12.87
Our Price: 8.97
Easy To Install On/Off Switch Right At The Outlet Touch Ornament To Turn Holiday Lights On/Off.  Easy To Use Wire-In Switch For Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Wireless Remote Wall Switch Wireless Keychain Transmitter Wireless Wall Switch Add-On
Our Price: 34.99
Our Price: 24.99
Our Price: 21.99
Add A Wireless Remote Wall Switch Anywhere Fits Easily In A Pocket Battery Operated - Requires No Wiring
Bulb Life Saver, Screw-In Candelabra Bulb Life Saver Bulb Life Saver, Plug-In
Our Price: 1.99
Our Price: 2.49
Our Price: 3.99
Save Time, Bulbs, & Money! A Great Convenience For Hard To Reach Chandelier Bulbs Makes Your Bulbs Last Longer. Just Plug-In
Baby-Go-To-Sleep Dimmer & Auto Timer Plug&Play Touch On/Off Wall Switch Plug&Play Gradual Dimmer Wall Switch
Our Price: 29.98
Our Price: 12.97
Our Price: 11.98
Great Gift Item What A Convenience! Place A Touch Wall Plate Switch Anywhere.  Does Not Require 120V Hard-Wiring! Plug-N-Play. Just Touch Wall Plate To Gradually Dim And Off With Each Successive Touch.  Saves Significant Time & Money
Touch On/Off EZ-Switch, Wire-In Wall Switch for Closets Socket Wall Dimmer
Our Price: 13.96
Our Price: 10.97
Our Price: 10.95
Make Your Wall Switch A Touch Operated Switch Ideal For Closet Light Or A Table Lamp.  Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Place A Wall Dimmer At Your Favorite Location To Operate A Lamp Or Closet Light
Add-On Wall Plate Add-On Touch Control Wire Universal Touch Pad Dimmer, Screw-In
Our Price: 3.99
Our Price: 1.99
Our Price: 12.87
Add Multiple Location Dimming Without Hard-Wiring For EZ-Switch Wall Plates Universal design for any lamp socket. Easy to screw-in like a bulb. Touch pad for 3-levels of brightness and Off.
Three Pack Bulb Life Saver, Candelabra Bulbs Bulb Life Saver, 2-Pack Screw-In Replacement Touch Control Switch
Our Price: 6.47
Our Price: 3.47
Our Price: 8.49
Why Change Another Bulb? As Easy As Changing A Light Bulb Touch For Easy On/Off
Bulb Life Saver, Plug-In 2-Pack Screw-In Universal Touch Full Range Dimmer Extension Cord, White 4-Pack
Our Price: 6.98
Our Price: 29.88
Our Price: 5.99
Makes Your Bulbs Last Longer. Just plug it in. Value Pack Of Two Units Just Screw-In & Touch Pad For Easy On/Off. Long Touch for Dim or Brighten. Saves Energy, Bulbs, Money and Electricity. Electrical extension cord for indoor use 120VAC, UL Listed. Ten feet long white color. 4-Pack
Extension Cord, White Universal Touch On/Off Switch
Our Price: 1.99
Our Price: 14.98
Electrical extension cord for indoor use 120VAC, UL Listed. Ten feet long white color. Universal Touch On/Off Switch. Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs