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Plug&Play Touch On/Off Wall Switch Plug&Play Gradual Dimmer Wall Switch Touch On/Off EZ-Switch, Wire-In Wall Switch for Closets
Our Price: 12.97
Our Price: 11.98
Our Price: 13.96
Our Price: 10.97
What A Convenience! Place A Touch Wall Plate Switch Anywhere.  Does Not Require 120V Hard-Wiring! Plug-N-Play. Just Touch Wall Plate To Gradually Dim And Off With Each Successive Touch.  Saves Significant Time & Money Make Your Wall Switch A Touch Operated Switch Ideal For Closet Light Or A Table Lamp.  Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
Socket Wall Dimmer Add-On Wall Plate Add-On Touch Control Wire
Our Price: 10.95
Our Price: 3.99
Our Price: 1.99
Place A Wall Dimmer At Your Favorite Location To Operate A Lamp Or Closet Light Add Multiple Location Dimming Without Hard-Wiring For EZ-Switch Wall Plates