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For over 25 years, Bright Image Corporation has been leading the market with new and innovative lighting controls under our registered Touch & Glow® products brand name. We are prime manufacturers of the widest selection of electronic touch dimmers, dusk-to-dawn light controls, wireless remote light controls, bulb life savers, holiday lights switches and numerous other lighting controls.
Touch & Glow® products are sold through nation wide home centers, hardware chain stores, department stores, discount/mass merchant stores, specialty web-retail stores, mail-order companies, drug/grocery stores, wholesalers and lighting showrooms.

Bright Image offers trend setting, never-offered-before and technologically most advanced designs in its class of products. Bright Image further focuses on providing eye-catching retail packaging that quickly communicates to consumers. For ease of understanding, our retail package shows graphic pictures and product features on both sides of the card.

We are the pioneers of the easy "Plug-&-Play" lighting control designs. Our Plug-&-Play lighting controls are ready to use instantly simply by just plugging into the wall outlet or screwing into the light socket. They require no installation of any kind.  Most of our Patented products are very simple and easy to use. We designed and introduced the world’s most compact size plug-in controls that do not block the second electrical outlet.  Similarly we devised and introduced the world’s most compact size screw-in socket lighting controls. None of our competitors offer these features in their products.

In 1983, company started with manufacturing one product and now we have grown to offer over 500 unique and innovative products. Our products are Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. UL-Listed and UL-Recognized for USA and Canada. These products have been rigorously laboratory tested and engineered to meet highest international engineering standards. We manufacture every one of our products under the most stringent manufacturing processes. We factory test each and every unit to make sure they meet highest quality standards. Traditionally Bright Image devices its custom demo-displays, store marketing fixtures such as gravity feed racks and side-stack displays to showcase its products and to increase inventory turns.

Our products are engineered to save energy, time, money, bulbs, and add convenience. A large number of our models generate very attractive cost savings to consumers such that they quickly pay for themselves. For example Touch & Glow® touch dimmers and dusk-to-dawn light controls provide energy savings, increasing bulb life and providing daily true convenience to it's users.

There are numerous technological innovations over the years that Bright Image Corporation has initiated in the lighting control industry. To highlight few of them below are some examples:
  • To meet needs of new enlarging use of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL), we pioneered the "First Fluorescent Touch On/Off Switch". It allows CFL bulbs to be used with touch activated table and floor lamps. Similarly we introduced "CFL-Dusk-to-Dawn Light Controls" for outdoor light fixtures and floodlight controls that work with CFL bulbs and enhance energy savings.
  • We devised and introduced “Soft-Start” technology for our touch dimmers which substantially increases bulb life and saves money.  For providing home safety, we introduced “Auto Current Limit Circuit” that helps prevent temporary electrical overloads.
  • Due to the miniature size of candelabra sockets, in the past there were no dusk-to-dawn light controls available for candelabra base sockets. Bright Image is the first company ever to introduce Candelabra Dusk-to-Dawn Light Control in the world. It allows candelabra-base outdoor light fixtures to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • For use of photoelectric controls at evening and early dark morning time, we pioneered and offered unique feature of “Dual On/Off Photo-Circuit”. It allows fixture bulbs to turn off after a consumer selected period at night to save energy and to automatically turn on again at early dark morning hours to light the grounds.
  • We launched innovative products such as, “Automatic Closet Light”, “Baby-Go-To-Sleep Dimmer-Timer”, “Plug-In Touch Wall Switch”, “Screw-In Bulb Life Savers”, “Touch Ornament Ball Switch” and several other unique products.
We offer attractive retail marketing displays and informative POP merchandising tools to help customers quickly find the right products to best fit their needs. Bright Image devices and proposes sales promotions to attract new shoppers in the stores and to create repeat traffic in the aisles. In addition, we have a proven track record of making prompt 99.7% on-time delivery to our customers.
Whether you are a homeowner, retail store, lighting showroom, electrical contractor, homebuilder, retirement-nursing home, ADA-hotel chain or consumer, Touch & Glow® is the only name you need to know for increased levels of convenience, safety and security.
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